Philadelphia is home to dozens of incredible team building activities, and Team Building Philadelphia is a central free resource designed to help you wade through the different corporate events available to you.

Here, we’ve put together recommendations and feature summaries of the best company team building activities in Philadelphia. Our blog feed is dedicated to sharing the latest tips and tricks in company team building.

Our goal is to provide a resource that lists diverse team building event ideas, from museum tours to painting classes to guacamole-making competition. Grab some coffee and take a look at the different listings to see which activity might be the best fit for your team.

You might be wondering why your company should team build at all. Maybe team building evokes thoughts of trust falls and boring company retreats that leaves employees dreading the next off-site.

Here’s the thing — team building has evolved to be so much more! Philadelphia now offers incredible company team building activities that are as much fun as they are effective.

We believe that a team that plays together, stays together. But sometimes the ever-evolving corporate landscape can wreak havoc on the ability of teams to stay connected. Constant innovation has gifted us with incredible tools like Slack and email and project management dashboards, but with the advent of these resources comes less of a need for face-to-face interaction among co-workers. So while your teams may be constantly connected online, they’re not making the same interpersonal connections they could be! Your team isn’t operating at its highest potential, and that can be costly to your company culture — and your business’ bottom line.

That’s where team building comes into the picture. An investment in team building often rewards companies with happier employees who are more engaged in the workplace. Team building promotes problem solving, creative thinking, game play, and sometimes a good dose of healthy competition — and all of these things will have an immediate impact on your team. You’ll see greater bonds of trust form, better communication, and a higher-performing team.

Philadelphia is an incredible city buzzing with hustle and bustle. Sometimes, that hard work deserves to be rewarded with an afternoon out of the office. Team building is the perfect way to treat your team to a break from their desks while still reaping a ton of rewards for the business!

A commitment to regular team building will keep your team humming along at its highest potential. Mix in great off-site events and smaller, weekly team building activities you can do from the office (our blog is a great resource for this – be sure to bookmark our site to come back for ideas!)

Happy team building!